I cover a range of personalised services, such as the following.

Restoration Illustration

Renovation or Addition

We can design and install a upgrade to your property, bathroom, kitchen, new rooms or any renovation. Update your lighting, add or remove walls, re-hang doors and windows with new hard-ware, and so much more. I work with a select team of highly skilled designers, architects and trades people. Whether you are updating or adding an addition to your home or office, we can help.

Project Management Illustration

Project management

Are you taking on an addition or alteration to your property?

From design and planning through completion, I will oversee your project for you.

I have over 15 years professional experience in project management, logistics and engineering here in New Zealand and overseas.

Let us keep track of the strategic, financial and practical aspects of your project.

Illustration Maintenance

General Property maintenance

Whatever your home or workplace needs, we can get it done.

Consider me you’re one-stop-shop for trades services. I’ll bring in whoever I need to get the job done under one convenient umbrella.

Mechanical, building, plumbing, electrical, lighting, weatherproofing, door/window repair, cable management, plastering and painting, picture hanging, dryer install… and more.

If you’re experiencing a leaky home, we can analyse the problem and work with you to find a solution.